Update of Uni-light Activities 2016 – September 2017

oktober 4, 2017 Av av Björn Naumburg


Uni-light had an eventful 2016/2017 fiscal year. In July, our company was listed on NGM Nordic MTF in Stockholm. During the first half of the year, our company focused on upgrading its lights with the latest generation of diodes to provide more light and with new technological solutions, e.g. to avoid the generation of invisible flicker. Invisible flicker causes diminished concentration ability, migraines, and worsened eyesight in humans as well as negative effects on certain animals.

To provide our customers with complete systems, we also developed a new dimmer adapted to our lights. The development took longer than anticipated, causing some delays, but is now completed and fully functioning.

Our special dairy lights increase milk production by 8-10% by enhancing the generation of Prolactin and the growth hormone IGF-1. The return on these investments exceed 100%.

We also introduced new technology, both the High Bay lights and an industrial light bulb. Our 270-300 W High Bay only weighs 3,5 kg and has an extended life expectancy.

Uni-light has initiated presence in Germany and Poland. Germany is Europe’s biggest producer of milk, with 3.5 million milking cows. In Germany, we have contracted three distributors. These distributors have extensive experience in the lighting industry in both wholesale and direct marketing throughout the country. Lights have been delivered to two projects in Germany and one project in Austria.

After a difficult year in the United Kingdom, caused by Brexit, increased exchange rates and low milk prices, the market has returned to normal and three projects have been contracted since the month of May 2017.

In Scandinavia, sales are developing as scheduled, with approximately one dairy light project per month, in addition to deliveries of lights for industrial applications.

In cooperation with the Japanese company Iwasaki, Uni-Light has started to manufacture the electronics for one of Iwasaki’s industrial light bulbs. Iwasaki is one of the largest lighting companies in Japan.

Uni-light is currently focusing sales towards the livestock industry, with our especially adapted lights. These lights increase the welfare of animals, with lowered veterinarian costs, and at the same time lead to an increase in production of milk and quicker growth in weight.

In September-October 2017, Uni-light is bringing in more capital through a guaranteed issue of shares to further expand its activities and international sales.