Uni-light’s Scandinavian Distributor increases its product portfolio

augusti 28, 2018 Av av Björn Naumburg

During the last year, Uni-light’s Scandinavian distributor has increased its cooperation to include manufacturers of other LED products within other segments, than part of the product family of Uni-light’s- designed for its niche markets. The distributor now initiates sales activities within the Grow Light and Street Light markets. These markets have since long been considered very competitive and related products too costly to develop and consequently, Uni-light has refrained from entering these market segments.      

With regard to Grow Lights and in particular the growth of Cannabis, the distributor now has lights and control systems in form of easily downloaded apps to commercialize. Its main owner has already good contacts to a number of customers both inside and outside of EU and expects to enter into contracts during the present year of operation. Uni-light has agreed to develop an arrangement with the distributor to market these lights as well, using its present and planned network of distributors.   

The products will be inserted among Uni-light’s products on the homepage.