Uni-Light Seeks Funding under the EU program “Horizon 2020”

november 10, 2017 Av av Björn Naumburg

Uni-light has developed an intelligent emergency light for major projects, within sectors such as tunnel construction and mining. The lighting is now in the prototype phase. The principle feature is that the lamp will know if the sudden absence of power supply is intentional or inadvertent. Only in the case of an unintentional outage, the battery backup starts up to provide required power.
The technology used includes our already patented driver in combination with other unique technical solutions. This technology results in lower installation costs, lower power consumption, up to 10 times longer battery life, and thus significantly reduced environmental impact.
In the first phase of this « International Research and Development Project » the company has applied for financing of an in-depth study and a detailed project plan, amounting to €50,000. At the next stage, if the project is assumed, we will, within the framework of project funding, build one or several pilot projects and a major international organization for marketing and sell the new system/invention at a multinational level, within and beyond the EU. We already have a major international contractor which, written in our application, stated its interest in participating in pilot projects, product testing and development. At the beginning of 2018, we will take the next step if the in-depth study receives the grant.