Uni-light merges with the Finnish company Meltron.

augusti 27, 2019 Av av Björn Naumburg

At Uni-light’s Shareholders Meeting in August 20, 2019, it was officially announced the merger of our two companies- Uni-light and Meltron. Meltron is a Finnish designer and manufacturer since over 20 years, of high quality LED lights for a few niche markets, especially for Communities (Street Lights) and for the Industries (Explosive proof lights, Pylon Lights and High Bay lights). Meltron has its own driver design, a number of patents, several lights include special lenses of nano-structural optics and Meltron has contracted sales, in Finland (with several multinational and large companies), Sweden and Oman. It also has Pilots running in Oman and in the UK and has a joint venture agreement with the a US-company. By the merger, the companies will profite from each others experience, sales channels, technical skills and manufacturing processes. Focus is now on sales and a the sales force is expanding in both Finland Sweden and Germany/Austria.  The CEO of the company, which changes name from Uni-light to Meltron,  is Ville Sistonen, the CTO is Leo Hatjasalo and the COO is Bjorn Naumburg. There is a new board of 5 members and its Chairman is Goran Lundgren, previous CEO of Uni-light.

Durinig the summer, Meltron has signed a few important sales contracts and is well positioned for new orders both in Finland and Oman.