Uni-light Led AB-has recently finalized its issue of new shares.

juni 29, 2016 Av av Grebban

Our company now is ready to carry through its planned European expansion and in 2 weeks, the company will be listed on the Swedish exchange- NORDIC MTF.

Responsible at Nordic Growth Market (www.ngm.se) is Mrs. Eva Riben.The shares will be traded under the name: ULED MTF.Options, part of the issue of ”units” will be traded under the names ULED MTF TO1 and  ULED MTF TO2 respectively. For futher information, please contact:

Mrs. Eva Riben
Nordic Growth Market
Tel: +46 8 566 390 00

Mr. Björn Naumburg
CEO A Uni-Light LED AB
Tel: mobile: +46 70 290 10 75
office: +46 8 505 65110